My name is Alireza Shamakhy. I am a software engineer with more than 15 years experience developing  software and applications for public sectors,  academic and private organisations.  I have coded using multiple languages  such as Java, C, .Net,  ASP, PHP.  Also I have extensive experience in web development using Angular, React, Extjs, NodeJs, JQuery and of course my hero JavaScript.  Moreover have worked with database management systems like MySQL, PostGres, SQL Server. Plus multiple CMS like WordPress, Opencart and statistical packages like R – STATA and GeoSpatial tools like QGIS and Android & iphone app and ….!!!

As you see my list is too long!!! But why I decided to build ECOMP web site ?!

My story began when my wife asked me to build a web site for her new business about Solar products : SunShare Solar. Once started I gradually realised that in online business, coding is easiest part! why? because making a website is one thing but making a successful online business who attracts users and brings customers is hard!

I started learning search engine optimisation or SEO. I have used multiple tools and API’s such as Google Adwords and Analytics.  I started studying business side of business! In programming when you make changes or implement a new feature the results appears almost instantly, but for business is not! you must be patient and wait and do something and measure and test and wait! and do something and wait until die! I just kidding but the reality is like I told,  a continuous effort and work until you see success!

But how you want to start your journey? well when you decide, there are hundreds of companies out there, who saying come to us! come to us and claiming helping you to become successful. But you know what? they are pretty damn expensive and also there is no guaranty for their words! The cost of living is high and they want to survive and they find you! as an small business, you have to spend a lot of money  and time and if you are lucky , you will see .

My goal is helping small and local businesses and sole traders, who have limited budget and time, by sharing my knowledge and expertise to  become successful. I want to teach you fishing not giving you a fish!

Please email to info@ecomp.com.au  or jump in contact form to start!