As you probably know nowadays every  business need a web site.

If you are running a medium to  large scale business you must have a IT department who manages all your IT needs such as web site, emails, data , etc.

But if you have a small business everything relies on you. You might ask a company or  a programmer to build a web site for you or if you have knowledge build it yourself.

However this is just a beginning of the story. If you think by having a web site your business starts growing , you might be a bit optimistic, but the reality is different.

By thinking more you will realise that your site must be “dynamic” not just static, which means that site should be able to update its contents from somewhere, if that somewhere changes. Then you realise that somewhere means database.

Then you will say oh my god I have a web site but when I search in google my products, it either not coming in search results or it comes at the page 30+ of google search!

Then you learn Search Engine Optimisation or SEO.  Then someone says that you should do a lot of work for finding keywords, improving contents, back links, off line SEO, online SEO, etc. ..  this continues…